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Christopher Phipps is an American songwriter, keyboard player, guitarist, and composer living and working in South Florida. Best known as the lead singer of 90’s Euro Synth pop band London Exchange, Phipps is involved in several ongoing projects and bands ranging in sound and focus and he is a regular side man keyboardist for When in Rome from the UK and The Voice in Fashion. Born in Miami and raised in Ohio, Phipps moved to Pensacola as a teen and was soon involved in several popular local bands including Bad Habitz, Strange Phenomenon, and UFO MESSIAH. Phipps then moved to Miami where he founded London Exchange and wrote the Top 50 Billboard Dance hit Memories of You, which combined a Euro pop lyricism and melodic synthesizer sounds with Miami breakbeat bass and freestyle. The band scored several other widely heard dance singles over the years and has remained active performing and touring occasionally, playing and recording. With UFO Messiah, Phipps has continued writing and recording , most recently releasing the EP “3” and the second album “2” that brought the band back together after a 20 year hiatus. Phipps has produced and recorded 4 solo albums (2 acoustic and 2 under his electronic guise sILENTsTORM). In January of 2021 he released two albums recorded in a 6 week period during the pandemic quarantine of 2020. ​SUNSET SUMMER MEMORIES​ and ​sILENTsTORM INTO THE GREAT DIVIDE​. 1988 London Exchange-Memories of You 12” Single 1989 London Exchange-Lost Without Your Touch 12” Single 1991 London Exchange- Girl Inside The Magazine 12” Single 1997 Ufo Messiah 2004 SILENTSTORM-Songs from the Stardust Motel 2008 CP-Studio Center Sessions 2009 London Exchange-Remix Remodel 2014 London Exchange-Remix Remodel 25YRS 2017 Ufo Messiah II 2018 Ufo Messiah III 2019 Ufo Messiah- Totality (Single) 2019 London Exchange-Feel So Alive (Single) 2021 SILENTSTORM-Into The Great Divide


November 3, 2022 10:12 pm(GMT-11:00)