Welcome to the Luna Star Café

LSC was established in 1996 and is a labor of love above all. You are here. I hope the time that you spend with us is enjoyable and unique. Please be patient. Everything here is made to order and the few people working here: cook, prepare and deliver your food, take your orders, bus your tables, wash your dishes, cashier, manage, bartend, make your coffee, counsel you and entertain you.


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sat17sepsep 179:00 pmoct 16- 1:00 amDiane Ward & the Band of VIRGOS9:00 pm

tue27sep5:00 pmOPEN JAM5:00 pm

wed28sepsep 288:00 pmsep 29- 11:55 pmARTHUR CRUZ JAZZ8:00 pm

thu29sepsep 298:00 pmsep 30- 11:55 pmSARAH JACOB TRIO & DARRELL ARNOLD8:00 pm


sat17sepsep 179:00 pmoct 16- 1:00 amDiane Ward & the Band of VIRGOS(september 17) 9:00 pm

sun2octoct 28:00 pmoct 3- 11:55 pmEDAN ARCHER WITH DIANE WARD AND JACK SHAWDE8:00 pm

tue4oct5:00 pmOPEN JAM5:00 pm

wed5oct8:00 pmLoye and Ted8:00 pm

thu6octoct 68:00 pmoct 7- 11:00 pmAMY ARLO AND ALMOST BLUE8:00 pm

fri7octoct 78:00 amoct 8- 8:00 amGRANT PEEPLES8:00 am

fri7octoct 78:00 pmoct 8- 8:00 amGRANT PEEPLES8:00 pm

sat8octoct 88:00 pmoct 9- 11:55 pmOPEN MIC8:00 pm

tue11oct5:00 pmOPEN JAM5:00 pm

wed12octoct 127:30 pmoct 13- 11:55 pmNSAI South Florida Chapter Songwriter workshop7:30 pm

thuPANAMA REDMonth Long Event (october)

fri14octoct 148:00 pmoct 15- 11:55 pmSCOTT BECKER8:00 pm

tue18oct5:00 pmOPEN JAM5:00 pm

wed19octoct 198:00 pmoct 20- 11:55 pmNIGHT BREEZE8:00 pm

sat22octoct 228:00 pmoct 23- 11:55 pmOPEN MIC8:00 pm

tue25oct5:00 pmOPEN JAM5:00 pm


Open Times

Open Tuesday - Saturday 4pm - til?
Closed Sunday & Monday With the exception of Special Events

COMING SOON: Diane Ward & the Band of Virgos – Saturday 9-17 @ 9pm.